Monday, 18 February 2013

Haul 003 - Primark, H&M & Boots.

 Primark Bed sheet & Pillowcases

 Primark Sandals - £6

 Primark Socks - £3

I am so fed up with my pores atm, please let this help!

 Primark Headbands - £1.50 & £2 (boring ones for skincare times and gym!)

Rimmel Scandale Eyes - 002 Bulletproof Beige & Nail Rescue (my nails need to stop breaking, now!)

Primark Bag - £1.50 (I am so in love!) 

H&M Necklaces Silver & Gold - £7.99 

Once again, more shopping in the usual places! I have currently put myself on a shopping ban for clothes, I am aiming to lose weight (Been to the gym 5 times this week!) and so far i'm doing good so I'm stopping all spending on clothes. That means hello more accessories and beauty products (i'm not complaining) ! I think the best thing I got was the really cute fabric tote bag from Primark, I went back to get some more and they were all was a very sad day!

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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Rimmel Apocolips - Big Bang, Stellar & Nova.

I know you are probably sick to death with hearing about these product's but I've been really enjoying them so I thought I'd share my views on them too!

They are lip lacquers, like lipsticks but look like lip glosses. They go on smooth and have a satin like texture (this is the lip gloss like part) but have all the pigment of a rich deep lipstick and dry with a semi-matte finish. This formula makes them so amazingly comfortable to wear, as long as you don't apply too much or you'll have a very gloopy mouth (not attractive) but it makes wearing bright colours that maybe before you might of been afraid of wearing a lot easier! A lot of ladies live by saying you must wear a lip liner under everything that goes on your mouth, i'm not one of those people but for this product if you're gonna bam out a bright colour and you're gonna be drinking/eating I would say a lip liner is gonna make you feel a bit more secure, well it does me anyway!

Big Bang 
THE colour of the collection in my opinion. It's a beautiful rich deep red that has been compared a lot to Mac's Ruby Woo.

 A beautiful coral/pink/red shade. This is so bright (almost neon but in a sassy way) but such a lovely colour.

This is a really pretty lilac pink shade, less in your face than the other two and very wearable. Perfect for everyday.

My mug - sporting Big Bang (yes I am in my dressing gown haha)

These are brilliantly hydrating, so if you're looking for a slightly matte finish but can't handle the dryness of a lipstick you should give these a go! I got mine on a 3 for 2 offer in Boots (this offer is still on!) so they cost me a grand total of £12 which I think is brilliant value for what they are. As I've said a LOT over the past few months Rimmel is fast becoming my favourite make up brand, they seem to be on point with everything they bring out and the best part is I don't feel like they are getting too expensive either.

Have you tried them? What are your favourites?

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Alexandra x

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Nails - Nails Inc & Barry M.

 (Nails Inc - Great Windmill Street & Barry M - 354 Amethyst Glitter)

As you may of been able to tell by now, I am a mega sucker for glitter nail polish. It was ridiculously hard to not paint all my nails with glitter but I managed to resist. I really fancied wearing a light, spring type colour so I picked Nails Inc - Great Windmill Street. All the snow has been washed away where I live and I felt like some colour needed to be in my life! I chose to use my new polish I got the other week (you can see my haul post here) to wear with it. I love it, of course I love's super super glittery! It is jam packed full of blue, pink, purple and silver different sized glitter. I love it worn over the top of this light pink as it really makes the blue glitter noticeable. Okay i've resisted long enough now, i'm off to paint the rest of my nails with glitter!

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