Thursday, 29 November 2012

Korres Lip Butter (Rose) Review

Hi there pretty people!

So because of the cold horrible weather we've been having in jolly old England recently my skin has been suffering! I'm so dry, I feel like a wrinkled up old piece of fruit! (yummy right?!) And one thing that's been suffering bad, are more poor little wonky uneven lips. I needed some sort of super soft, moisturising solution and I'd been wanting to try Korres Lip Butter's for a while as i've always heard lot's of good things about them so I thought it was about time I gave them ago. The other week while I was shopping in Waitrose with my mum I spied the massive Korres section, this was my moment! I had a little look through the products and found the lip butter's which I'd forgotten came in rose flavour, well this completely sealed the deal for me (while reading my blog over time you will come to realise that it is my true granny obsession and I am in love with anything rose scented!)

My initial thoughts were, I love the packaging of Korres products, they are clean, colourful and informative. I love the fact they try to be as natural and use as little crap in the products as possible, for example this product is dermatologically tested, mineral oil free, silicone free, propylene glycol free and ethanolamine free! Another little bonus for me is I also love the fact the company is from Greece (my mums side of the family are Greek) so this brand seems like a win win for me!

After using the product i'll get the negative's out the way first, the one and only downside I have to this product which is really picky, I don't like the fact that when I grab some product with my finger the product can easily be smeared onto the white container and make it look all messy and gross. I know to a lot of people that this stupid little point won't make a difference but it bugs me! Luckily not enough that I wouldn't repurchase it, because I would in other flavours too!

Now to the positives! This product does exactly what I need it to do and what I would expect from a higher end lip butter. It moisturises my lips and not just for the 15 seconds while i'm applying it, you can really feel that it is deeply moisturising and caring for your lips. It melts into my lips and doesn't leave a horrible sticky gloop behind but keeps them soft and moisturised for hours. It leaves a slight shiny redish sheer tint to the lip which is nice for a more natural lip and smells/tastes amazing!

Price is around £7 and can be bought all over the place including Waitrose, Asos and Feel Unique.

Overall I would rate this product 4.5/5, losing 0.5 because of my clean freakiness and the price as I know to some people it might be a little steep but I think totally worth it!

What Korres products do you absolutely love and would recommend?!


Monday, 26 November 2012

Christmas Sparkly Nails.

Hi there pretty people!

So it's now under one month till the big day (could this year of gone any quicker?!) and recently I haven't been excited about Christmas at all! But last night at crazy o'clock (1:33am to be precise) I decided to paint my nails. I'm always a sucker for glitter, but christmas glitter?! I AM SOLD! I saw my little beauty, Party Hearty,  tucked away in the back and thought it was about time it got another showing to the world. 
These nails are nothing fancy, clever or complicated (a bit like me) but they're just too pretty to not stare at and take pictures and show all of you! 
So here they are....

Party Hearty - China Glaze, Green Room - Topshop, Topcoat - O.P.I

I hope you liked them!

Also, just a quick sorry for the state of my nails! If anyone knows of a good growth and strengthening polish/serum please let me :) also please feel free to share all your lovely christmasy nails with me!