Saturday, 12 January 2013

Haul 002 - Primark & New Look.

So I recently did some damage to my bank account in Primark and New Look. I'm REALLY loving Primark atm, I go through stages with this shop of love and hate but right now i'm swooning!

(Long Dangly Cross - £1.50,  Gold & Silver Big Cross - £1 each, Small Gold & Silver Cross Studs - £1.50 for pair. All Primark.)

 (Studded Bracelet - £3, Necklace - £2 both Primark. Collar Tips - £3.99 New Look)

 (Black Bag - £19.99 New Look)

 (Black Trainer Wedges - £15 Primark)

(Black Stud Belt - £3, Black Cross Stud Belt - £2.50 Primark) 

(Textured Black Skater Dress - £13 Primark) 

(Stud Detail Jumper - £22.99 New Look) 

(Textured Black Skater Skirt - £8 Primark)

Sorry some of the pictures aren't the best but i'm still working out how to use my camera and where are the best places to take them!

I obviously really love everything I got but my extra special bit's I especially like are;
- the wedge trainers, which are very comfortable and I'm not a heels wearing type of girl and they also come in a light creamy grey and burgundy colour which i'm very tempted to go back and get at just £15 a pair.
- the bag from New Look, I think it's a total steal at £19.99 but looks more expensive and smart. It's also big enough to house all my useless rubbish I carry around with me!
- the collar tips, I haven't tried out collar tips yet but i'm excited to try these out on some shirts and I thought they were really reasonably priced. 

So basically what i'm trying to say is that Primark is dangerous atm! If you haven't been in recently be prepared and have money spare. There were so many things I didn't pick up as I was trying to watch what I was spending and I'm now saving my pennies and planning my next trip.
What's your favourite thing I bought? 

Thanks for reading!



  1. Love the bag! And the jewellery is so nice, I find it a bit of a mission to find good jewellery in Primark sometimes.


  2. I love the bag, so cute!
    Megan xxx

  3. I like them all! Especially the jewelry and the studded sweater. I really like your style :-)

  4. That jumper is gorgeous, such a pretty colour! & those shoes would be lovely in burgundy too.

    - Sho x

  5. Hey, i like your blog and love your pictures :)
    you like to follow each other via gfc (and maybe bloglovin) ?
    i would be happy :)

    lovely greetings, lucia

  6. Hiya, Ive tagged you in the 'tag you're it' post here:
    I'd love to hear what you have to say (:


  7. Amazing haul , love the crosses and that belt! Loveee xx