Wednesday, 30 January 2013

HOLD THE PHONE....I'M FAT?! (Fit For Summer)

(pictures from weheartit)

So this is a pretty personal post but hey this is MY blog and I can put whatever I want on here so if you don't like this sort of post or it's not something you care about reading then please go ahead and leave, I promise I won't be offended. However if you do want to stay then don't be mean! And that's all the rules out of the way haha. Anyways so I weighed myself last night, I knew I had put weight on since I last weighed myself which was probably november/december last year, i'm gonna put it down to winter fat cos that makes it seem more acceptable (right?!), which was just more weight on top of what i'd been piling on for the last 18 months which is when I first started dating my boyfriend. But you know when it happens gradually and you are in denial cos you don't really wanna realise how fat you've got and you're still fitting into most of your clothes, then one day you just look in the mirror and you're like 'God damn I have gotten SO fat!!' well yeah that happened last night. So pretty much since i've been with my other half i've managed to put on about 3 stone in 18 months, I could be sick at how disappointed I am at myself. I feel disgusting and I have done for a while and last night was the last straw! I am 21 in 9 weeks on Sunday, I refuse to look back at my birthday photos and be so embarrassed of myself. So this will be my project....Fit For Summer! I'm not too overly fussed by measurements and weight, I just want to look nice and be able to wear a bikini for summer and be really proud of what I look like without everyone thinking a whale has escaped from the zoo but I know realistically i'm gonna count every pound and inch I lose/put on very carefully!

So my plan is (i'm not saying this is the healthiest or the best, it's just my plan for. Feel free to give me tips!)....

7:30/8 - Wake up & have a banana and a few brazil nuts.
9:30 - Go to the gym. Do 3 miles, ab work and alternate days of legs and arms. 
10:45 - Have porridge. 
12:30 - Have a light lunch (omelette etc)
3:30ish - Have a snack (fruit or veg based)
6:30/7 - Dinner
Evening snack if i'm hungry - (fruit or veg based)

(combined with lots of water & a few cups of tea)

I know this won't happy everyday (but it happened today, so proud I managed to do 3 miles! I am SO unfit!) and it won't happen exactly like this, but I like to preplan things and half know what i'm doing. I would like to attempt the gym three times a week and two days a week try make myself run a mile outside near my house. I'm not brave enough right now to share with you guys my measurements or weight but that might come once i've lost some weight, we shall see! If you are on a weight loss journey please share your posts with me, because I need to be motivated by you all! Or if you have any tips/recipes/workouts or know any great bloggers/youtubers that would be of help then i'd very much appreciate it! 

Thanks for reading.



  1. this sounds like quite a good balanced plan.
    im trying to either drink a cup of water or eat an apple before every meal, this is meant to fill you up quicker but alot of times you feel hungrier than you are.
    best of luck in your fit for summer! x

    1. Thank you :) I'm trying to drink loads atm, haven't peed so much in my life! Haven't heard of the apple thing though. I've heard brushing your teeth before you eat does the same thing though. Thanks :) x

  2. That sounds really good, good luck :) I try and drink a lot of water on a daily basis as it's really good for you. I love the inspirational photos, they actually inspired me haha! I want to do this as well, I wish I had a gym membership but it's just too expensive :( I also wish I didn't have sixth form every day but i guess that makes me not snack as well as I have lessons etc.

    I had a bowl of porridge for my lunch today, it was beaaaaautiful! I love porridge hah xxx

    1. Thank you :) I find drinking a lot of water quite easy atm, hopefully the novelty won't wear off. Awh that's good! I know :\ luckily i'm on a family deal with my parents so I don't have to pay. I had porridge this morning, so yummy :) xx

  3. good luck! i put all my weight on when i had a long term relationship too, i wish i'd taken more note before it ended! it's too easy to get comfortable and eat what they eat. this sounds like a good plan, hope it goes well! x

    1. Thank you :D it's so easy to do, he eats massive portions so I match him without even realising and then it just piles on! No more though! I'm sure you are better off without him anyways! Thanks :) x

  4. Hey Alexandra! Your diet plan sounds good to me with lots of veggies and fruits^^
    I wish you good luck and I hope you reach your goal in the end ;D...
    If you want any tipps on healthy eating etc I can help you: PLS visit my blog, too <3 THX X3