Thursday, 31 January 2013

Haul 003 - Boots & Superdrug.

 (goodies from Boots & Superdrug)

 (MUA Eyeshadows. Top - Shade 11. Right - Shade 27. Left Shade 12)

 (MUA Lipstick - Shade 16 Nectar)

 (MUA Cream Blush - Bittersweet)

 (Mini Batiste Dry Shampoo - Blush)

 (Superdrug Hydrating Self-Heating Mask & Calming Floral Mud Mask)

 (Barry M Nail Polish. Left - 353 Ruby Glitter & Right - 354 Amethyst Glitter)

(Toni&Guy - Sea Salt Texturising Spray) 

(Rimmel Apocalips - Left - Big Bang. Middle - Stella. Right - Nova) 

(Boots - Cosmetic Oval Pads)

The reason for me popping into Superdrug the other week was to have a gander at some MUA products, I've always been a bit snobby towards the brand thinking that things that are only around a £1 must be rubbish. After seeing lots and lots of good things about the brand from bloggers and youtubers, in particular Emily's post,  I thought i'd give some of their products a whirl and also picked up a few other things on my way through Superdrug. Of course some glitter nail polish managed to fall in there somewhere, as usual and some face masks as they were on offer and my mum wanted some.

Next up I quickly went to Boots a few days later with my mum, after we both went to get our eyes tested which i'm sure i'll take a picture of my glasses at some point for y'all to see. I didn't get that much as I was really only on a mission for two things the Toni & Guy product and some Rimmel Apocalips'. Once again i'm just gonna say....I love you Rimmel, you go girllll! Anyways Boots had a deal on 3 for 2 on Rimmel products so I knew this was destiny and managed to get my paws on 3 lovely colours (most of them were sold out) but i'm sure you've been hearing about these everywhere, there is a reason for that.....they are brilliant!

I also picked up a few boring plastic storage boxes to reorganise my make up collection, i'm still not quite happy with it but i'm sure it'll come together a little more in the next few weeks and if you guys would like to see it i'll do a quick post about my collection. Also if there are any products here you'd like me to do a full in depth review of then just let me know :)

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

HOLD THE PHONE....I'M FAT?! (Fit For Summer)

(pictures from weheartit)

So this is a pretty personal post but hey this is MY blog and I can put whatever I want on here so if you don't like this sort of post or it's not something you care about reading then please go ahead and leave, I promise I won't be offended. However if you do want to stay then don't be mean! And that's all the rules out of the way haha. Anyways so I weighed myself last night, I knew I had put weight on since I last weighed myself which was probably november/december last year, i'm gonna put it down to winter fat cos that makes it seem more acceptable (right?!), which was just more weight on top of what i'd been piling on for the last 18 months which is when I first started dating my boyfriend. But you know when it happens gradually and you are in denial cos you don't really wanna realise how fat you've got and you're still fitting into most of your clothes, then one day you just look in the mirror and you're like 'God damn I have gotten SO fat!!' well yeah that happened last night. So pretty much since i've been with my other half i've managed to put on about 3 stone in 18 months, I could be sick at how disappointed I am at myself. I feel disgusting and I have done for a while and last night was the last straw! I am 21 in 9 weeks on Sunday, I refuse to look back at my birthday photos and be so embarrassed of myself. So this will be my project....Fit For Summer! I'm not too overly fussed by measurements and weight, I just want to look nice and be able to wear a bikini for summer and be really proud of what I look like without everyone thinking a whale has escaped from the zoo but I know realistically i'm gonna count every pound and inch I lose/put on very carefully!

So my plan is (i'm not saying this is the healthiest or the best, it's just my plan for. Feel free to give me tips!)....

7:30/8 - Wake up & have a banana and a few brazil nuts.
9:30 - Go to the gym. Do 3 miles, ab work and alternate days of legs and arms. 
10:45 - Have porridge. 
12:30 - Have a light lunch (omelette etc)
3:30ish - Have a snack (fruit or veg based)
6:30/7 - Dinner
Evening snack if i'm hungry - (fruit or veg based)

(combined with lots of water & a few cups of tea)

I know this won't happy everyday (but it happened today, so proud I managed to do 3 miles! I am SO unfit!) and it won't happen exactly like this, but I like to preplan things and half know what i'm doing. I would like to attempt the gym three times a week and two days a week try make myself run a mile outside near my house. I'm not brave enough right now to share with you guys my measurements or weight but that might come once i've lost some weight, we shall see! If you are on a weight loss journey please share your posts with me, because I need to be motivated by you all! Or if you have any tips/recipes/workouts or know any great bloggers/youtubers that would be of help then i'd very much appreciate it! 

Thanks for reading.


Monday, 28 January 2013

Dark Red/Plum Lips - Topshop & Maybelline.

(before I start I just wanna say this lip combo in real life is actually a lot darker, silly camera!)

(just the lipliner)

 (lipliner & lipstick)

(Topshop Lipstick - Beguiled £8 - Maybelline Lipliner - 338 Midnight Plum)
(Sorry for the up close & personal pictures, i'm conscious of my wonky lips so shhh!)

For a while now I've been obsessed with dark red/plum lips (who hasn't?!) so I thought i'd share with you in particular two products i've been pairing up and wearing a hell of a lot recently! It might be because I'm so pale and it's such a contrast and instantly dramatic or maybe because if you pick the right one it makes your teeth look lovely and pearly white, either way I can't get enough.

From what i've tried, like most beauty bloggers, I really love the Topshop make up range. Especially their lipsticks and nail polishes! I find this lipstick to be very moisturising and easy to wear and absolutely adore it paired with this lipliner, which is also lovely by it's self but for me a little too drying. This is 9 times out of 10 my go to lip combination, especially when I've been lazy doing my eye make up. It's dramatic yet wearable and I feel like it makes me look a lot more put together with minimal effort, which is always a winner in my books.

What are some of your favourite lip combinations?

Thanks for reading.


Friday, 25 January 2013

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation.

(Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - Ivory & Mac Studio Sculpt - NC15)

Before I start nattering on about this product in particular I just wanna say, I really really love Rimmel atm. I think they've picked up their game so much in the last year. They never really use to be a brand i'd shop at but now with these release of so many great/discovery of maybe older products I can't get enough. Anyways down to business!

This foundation has nearly everything I would want in a foundation so surely it should be the perfect foundation? Well it claims to make your skin look healthy, give it a radiant glow and give 100% coverage over pores all while giving you a flawless natural finish. Having combination skin and not the most well behaved pores, i'm sold already!

If I'm honest (which obviously you want me to be) I do really like this foundation. I find it isn't heavy on my skin but it does make my skin look flawless, glowing and healthy and also Yes once again Rimmel you let me down with you range of shades in foundation! Admittedly I am very pale but there is paler out there than me so there is a massive group in the market that are missing out once again. Saying that I do still use this foundation on a daily basis but I mix it with paler foundations so I don't look like i've dunked my face into a bowl of fake tan. Once I've mixed it with something like my Mac studio sculpt in NC15 i'm good to go!

Like I said my biggest draw back of this product is shade range but if you are darker than me or don't mind mixing foundations then I really do recommend this product! I feel my skin looks more awake and perky while wearing this and it does last all day. I have combination skin and i'm always scared off dewy looking foundations with the fear that it'll just run off my nose (the oil headquarters)  after 30 mins. This stays put, as long as you're sensible and powder then it really will work for a whole range of skin types. For the price of this product I feel you can't really go wrong.

If you were interested in trying this foundation right now is perfect timing! It's £3 off in Boots atm making it £5.99, see here. £6 for a bottle of very decent but questionable colouring foundation (that what mixing and blending is all about) who can go wrong?

Have you tried this foundation? What were your thought?

Thanks for reading.


Monday, 21 January 2013

Blogger Buddies - January!

So I started a personal little tag in December called Blogger Buddies, as far as I'm aware I haven't seen it anywhere else but the blogsphere is a big place so I might be wrong although I'm aware there are many other similar tags. Anyways, the plan is to do a monthly post on a few of my favourite blogs. I read 100s of blogs and there's always more blogs that i've been creeping on other than just the one's I post about but I just wanted to let you know about a few at a time. So here we go...

001. Camden Town Paradise - this blog is run by Tasha. I love her style! She is always wearing something I want or has made me want something she's wearing. She has a lovely blog, that is beautifully laid out with cute writing and icons. I don't understand how she doesn't have more followers, craziness!? Check out her blog here.

002. shonalouxo - this blog is run by Shona. Shona seems like an absolute lovely lady! I love the way she writes and that she's brave enough to show products on her face and not just the back of a hand like me (naughty me!) which is a whole lot more informative and just better! She also has the loveliest eyelashes i've ever seen, deff very jel! Go show her some love here.

003. josielcross - this blog is run by Josie. Can I just start off by saying, what a beautiful little lady she is. She has the most amazing eyes! Again she's another brave blogger who shows off products on her face which is always plus points in my book! She covers a bit of beauty, a bit of fashion and a bit of everything. Go check out her loveliness here. 

004. inthefrow - this blog is run by Victoria. Again another very pretty lady with awesome lovely hair. She is mostly a beauty based blogger with some fashion thrown in but her blog is very informative and helpful while being easy to read. Victoria is also another blogger that isn't afraid to get in front of the camera and show off the products as well as filming youtube videos. All round lovely girl, go check her out here. 

So there you have it! A handful of ladies that i've been loving this month :) if you'd like to do a Blogger Buddies post as well then feel free and please leave a link for me to see! I think it's a great way to find out about new blogs but also give those blogs that aren't as well known some recognition. It's all about sharethelove If you want to follow me on Twitter you can can do so here. I love being able to talk to bloggers I follow on Twitter and get to know you all a little better. Have a great day you beautys!

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sophisticated Sparkles - Barry M & Topshop.

(Topshop - Dust Storm  & Barry M - Pink Sapphire Glitter )

I've been wearing this combination quite a lot over the last few weeks and I'm really enjoying it. I feel because of the beige/nude base it makes the pretty pink party sparkleyness a bit more sophisticated, if that's even possible? I'm also liking wearing glitter top coats over all my nails rather than just an accent nail, you could of course just wear this on one nail but I just like the glitteryness too much! I am truly head over heels in love with the chunky pieces of glitter in this polish, it's a perfect combination of colour and different size glitter that really catches your eye and I think is SO beautiful!

I was wondering if any of you could recommend any other similar polishes as I feel the need for more glittery wonderfulness in my life!

Thanks for reading.


Saturday, 12 January 2013

Haul 002 - Primark & New Look.

So I recently did some damage to my bank account in Primark and New Look. I'm REALLY loving Primark atm, I go through stages with this shop of love and hate but right now i'm swooning!

(Long Dangly Cross - £1.50,  Gold & Silver Big Cross - £1 each, Small Gold & Silver Cross Studs - £1.50 for pair. All Primark.)

 (Studded Bracelet - £3, Necklace - £2 both Primark. Collar Tips - £3.99 New Look)

 (Black Bag - £19.99 New Look)

 (Black Trainer Wedges - £15 Primark)

(Black Stud Belt - £3, Black Cross Stud Belt - £2.50 Primark) 

(Textured Black Skater Dress - £13 Primark) 

(Stud Detail Jumper - £22.99 New Look) 

(Textured Black Skater Skirt - £8 Primark)

Sorry some of the pictures aren't the best but i'm still working out how to use my camera and where are the best places to take them!

I obviously really love everything I got but my extra special bit's I especially like are;
- the wedge trainers, which are very comfortable and I'm not a heels wearing type of girl and they also come in a light creamy grey and burgundy colour which i'm very tempted to go back and get at just £15 a pair.
- the bag from New Look, I think it's a total steal at £19.99 but looks more expensive and smart. It's also big enough to house all my useless rubbish I carry around with me!
- the collar tips, I haven't tried out collar tips yet but i'm excited to try these out on some shirts and I thought they were really reasonably priced. 

So basically what i'm trying to say is that Primark is dangerous atm! If you haven't been in recently be prepared and have money spare. There were so many things I didn't pick up as I was trying to watch what I was spending and I'm now saving my pennies and planning my next trip.
What's your favourite thing I bought? 

Thanks for reading!


Friday, 4 January 2013

Tangled & Knotty Hair - Be Gone!

(Tangle Teezer & Toni&Guy Smoothing Detangler) 

I'm one of those people that after they get out the shower they don't have super smooth, super manageable and super not knotty hair. No matter how much I brush my hair before I get in the shower and how much conditioner I use i'll still get out the shower with knots in my hair. Not only is it super annoying if you're in a rush but it can be really painful too! Because I know i'm not the only one that has this problem I thought I'd share with you what I use to tame my tangled locks.

The first thing I use is my Toni&Guy Smoothing Detangler, which is £6.39 from Boots. It claims to 'Helps tame frizz and flyaways for smoother, more manageable hair.' So not only is the product telling you it's gonna stop your hair feel like it's being pulled out of your skull while your brush it but it will also make it look tamed, smooth and frizz free! To use this product it recommends to 'Comb a walnut-sized amount through damp hair then heat style or let hair dry naturally.' This is the part I don't agree with although I completely agree with the earlier claims of making your hair tamed, smooth and frizz free! The consistency of this product is very very loose and liquidy and I think if you attempted to use a walnut-sized amount you would firstly go through this product like crazy and would grease up your hair with too much product. Personally the way I like to use this product is to use about 1 pump of product through the end of my hair and with whatever is left over on my hands I smooth over the top of my hair and this is plenty enough for me. I have shoulder length, thick hair so of course adjust the amount to your hair type. 

After i've applied my detangler I brush it all out with my Tangler Teezer (mines in pink) which is £10.99 from Boots. 'So it's just a hair brush, what's so great about it?!' I hear you saying. Well it claims 'The Tangle Teezer dramatically reduces hair breakage, splitting and damage, resulting in beautifully shiny hair. After brushing, your hair will feel silky to the touch and stunning to look at.' and I would agree with all those claims! This product took me a while to jump on the bandwagon as I would always think £11 on a hair brush I already have like 5 I don't need anymore! But I am SO glad my mum got me this for Christmas. From what i've gathered this product is made unique by it's soft, differently sized teeth that glide through the hair without any pain and is shaped on top to fit your hand perfectly. It also comes in a variety of different colours and patterns which obviously only adds to this product. It's fast become my favourite thing atm and makes me feel like Rapunzel, constantly brushing my hair (if only my hair was as long as hers!)

These two products together have made my hair routine so much easier. I'm not a big hair person in fact i'm very lazy when it comes to my hair, I sort of like to bung some products in, brush my hair, dry my fringe in place and let the rest do it's thing and if it doesn't look great bung it up in a messy bun. I of course use other products on my hair but these two things are something I use EVERY time I wash my hair without fail as they really do make a difference to my hair. Combined together they leave my hair detangled, manageable, smooth, soft and my hairs in better condition because of them. What else could a girl ask for from one reasonably priced hair product and a hair brush?! My holy grail hair products I suppose you could say!

I'm trying to become a little less lazy with my hair and do more things with it so I'd love to hear what are you favourite hair products that you can't live without?!

Thanks for reading!

(Oh also happy new year! Hope you all had a brilliant time.)