Monday, 26 November 2012

Christmas Sparkly Nails.

Hi there pretty people!

So it's now under one month till the big day (could this year of gone any quicker?!) and recently I haven't been excited about Christmas at all! But last night at crazy o'clock (1:33am to be precise) I decided to paint my nails. I'm always a sucker for glitter, but christmas glitter?! I AM SOLD! I saw my little beauty, Party Hearty,  tucked away in the back and thought it was about time it got another showing to the world. 
These nails are nothing fancy, clever or complicated (a bit like me) but they're just too pretty to not stare at and take pictures and show all of you! 
So here they are....

Party Hearty - China Glaze, Green Room - Topshop, Topcoat - O.P.I

I hope you liked them!

Also, just a quick sorry for the state of my nails! If anyone knows of a good growth and strengthening polish/serum please let me :) also please feel free to share all your lovely christmasy nails with me!