Sunday, 30 December 2012

Beaded Blue Nails - MUA & OPI.

Hi pretty people!

I was in Superdrug the other day with my boyfriend when I stumbled across the nail section at the MUA stand and these little pots of beads really caught my eye. I've never actually tried the Ciate Caviar sets but i'd say that these MUA ones are very similar but a shed load cheaper at just £3!

(sorry they aren't the neatest!)


I asked my boyfriend to pick one out as there were lots of coloured beads to choose from and he chose this one, as manly colours as possible of course! Overall I think these little things are really niffty, bit messy but fun! You just paint your nail with whatever colour you choose and then pour the bead over and push them down and you are done. Like I said it is messy and it's best to do it over a piece of paper but it's great for for a special occasion if you want something a bit different than glitter. For £3 I am deff gonna go back and get some other colours. 

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  1. This looks so pretty, doesn't seem too complicated either which suits me! :) Lol. xo

  2. Loving that blue colour. Looks really effective :) x

  3. I was going to pick these up in town and i really regret not buying them now as they look so good on you!

  4. I did a post of caviar nail bead the other week!

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