Friday, 21 December 2012

Blogging Buddies - December

Hi there pretty people!

Here is a quick post of some of my favourite blogs right now, there are many others but I thought i'd just include a few and then i'll probably try do one of these every month! I love going through and finding blogs I love to read and their favourite blogs (not saying that i'm your favourite blog to read!) but I hope you like either way.

001. Spider Leg Lashes - this blog is run by a lovely girl called Maya. She honestly seems like such a sweet girl. She covers a bit of everything on her blog and writes in a really nice/friendly way (if that's even a thing?) also finds some gem products at affordable prices!
Favourite posts - OOTD/E & Review 

002. Five One Couture - this blog is run by Gee. Okay get ready for full on stalker weirdness but she is RIDICULOUSLY stunning (not that the other girls blogs that i've mentioned aren't, cos they are all very pretty!) but her style and her hair are amazing! I could look through her blog all day.
Favourite posts - Christmas Party & Foot Tattoo's 

003. hayleycakes - this blog is run by Hayley. I actually found her blog through Gee and I'm glad I did! Her blog is full of pretty pictures she's taken, make up she's created and brilliant reviews. She also has a cute little bubby! Again a blog I could read all day.
Favourite posts - Photo Diary &  Happy Halloween

004. Jenner Blake - this blog is run by Jenner. I have finally managed to convince my very good friend Jenner to get into blogging, she's only just started and is still getting use to everything but you can see her first post here. I know she's gonna post some great beauty/fashion related posts and if that's your kinda thing (which let's face it, it TOTALLY is) then I think you should go follow her :) 

I think it would be a great if all you guys did this as well so I can see who you love to read and so some smaller blogs that are really great get some recognition as well, so I tag you all! Please leave a comment if you did this Blogger Buddies post :)

( also I want to stalk follow you guys on Twitter and Instagram so get involved and leave your's in the comment's below & follow me! Twitter - alexandradean & Instagram - alexandradeanx )

Thanks for reading.



  1. AHHHH YAY! :) I'm so excited, haha. Thank you so much for saying such lovely things! xo

  2. This is a really great idea for a blog post!

    Kimberley x


  3. Love your blog its amazing! Ill check out the blogs they sound great ♥