Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I knew you were trouble.

Hi there pretty people!

So today I went for lunch with my lovely friend Rosie and here's what I wore...

Top/Dress - Primark, Skirt - River Island, Belt - Next, Scarf - H&M (i think), Bag - Vintage, Coat - Wallis. 

Sorry for the crap quality & small blurry mirror pictures but it's the only place I have to take picture atm, but come christmas (WHICH IS ONLY A WEEK AWAY OMG!) I'll have my brand new lovely camera so i'll at least have better quality pictures, unfortunately my chubbiness will still be making an apperance unless I get my but in gear and eat right and exercise. Nahhhhh that's not gonna happen! Oh well, hope you enjoyed either way.

Rosie had an earl grey tea & soup. I had a REALLY yummy hot chocolate & a gherkin, pastrami and emmental toasted sandwich.

I'm going to try and do an all round post like this at least once a week, including my outfit and what I got up to. Oh also, i'm not the biggest Taylor Swift fan and i'm not sure if it's the complete over playing by all the radio stations but golly gosh I love this song and the new video. Go Taylor!

Thanks for reading!



  1. i love your skirt! and you look so lovely! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. I've never been into Taylor Swift (just not my kind of music) but her new single is AMAZING! I am so not ashamed to admit it! Haha. Love the outfit. :) xo

  3. The snood looks so comfy and cosy x