Monday, 10 December 2012

Wonderful Weekend - 001

Hi there pretty people!

So I thought i'd start a new series of posts to sum up my weekend. I will try and do this every weekend and it'll get better once santa has been and gone, as i'm getting a camera for christmas! Think weekend vlogging but with pictures. Talking of volgging and youtube and things, i'm thinking of giving it a go once i've got my camera. If you have your own youtube channel leave it in a comment below so I can get some ideas on videos and I just like being nosey and love watching youtube videos! 

Friday Evening.

I got dressed up and went out for a double date night with my boyfriend, my friend and her boyfriend.

I was sporting a really pretty sparkly smokey eye, which of course clever me, you can't see! Also like most people, i'm really enjoying wearing dark lipstick atm! I don't tend to take many pictures of myself but here was my moment of being vain and I took 4! (wild right?!)

We had dinner at Artorios which is a Mediterranean taverna. I had lamb souvlaki which was yummy!

We went to the cinema afterwards and watched Seven Psychopaths. Which was brillaint! If you loved In Bruges (which are the same people that made this movie) then you'll love it, equally if you're a fan of dark comedy, Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell or Christopher Walken then you'll love it. I will be buying it as soon as it's on DVD.

Saturday & Sunday.

These were mega lazy days. We did do some christmas shopping saturday afternoon for my boyfriends mum and sister (mostly make up related so I was in my element!) and made epic yummy mexican food which I stupidly didn't take a picture of but mostly it was lying in bed and watching movie as usual!

My beautiful puppy, Poppy, joined us and had a snooze on my cuddly toy dog. How cute!

Sunday evening was spent in bed alone reading this bad boy. Trying to cram as much information in my brain as possible. If you have any book/youtube/website recommendations for special effects makeup do let me know!

Poppy wasn't overly impressed that it was that time of year again that we can start dressing her in stupid jumpers but she loves all the attention really and she does look super cute!

So that was my weekend! What was your weekend like?! I hope you all had lovely weekends and aren't having too much of a horrible Monday. Like I said leave youtube channels and special effect recommendations in the comments below please or any other lovely things you have to say!



  1. You have gorgeous hair!
    And cor, am I hungry now?!

    Rosie x

    1. Thank you! I know, i'm craving lamb so much right now!x